Franco & Rac Construction

Welcome to FRANCO&RAC construction Co.

Where we build your visions

Franco & RAC Construction is a full service construction company specializing in construction and project management, painting, brickwork, maintenance, renovations, demolitions, tiling and repairs, finish and total package concrete construction. Using a diverse team of professionals, Franco and RAC Construction Co. is committed to project success and owner satisfaction by delivering a quality product safely, on time, and using the best practices in the construction industry.

Why FRANCO&RAC Construction Co.

We are the master of quality and consistency. We provide quality at affordable prices and ensure we deliver what we promise just-in-time (JIT). We work with different diversity of people and adopt to the needs of the client.

Franco & RAC Construction Co. offers a unique and innovative approach to service our clientele. Franco & RAC Construction Co. not only delivers on our high standard for Quality Assured Projects, but is able to be reactive to any requirements that may arise within tenant improvements, uniquely designed, or phased construction projects.

Franco & RAC Construction Co. provides a dedicated staff with the necessary experience to deliver these projects in a timely manner, on budget and with a Lean approach while also focusing attention to quality, safety, and sustainability.

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